What Is Protein Water Does It Help In Weight Loss

What Is Protein Water? Does It Help In Weight Loss?

Good news for all health freaks! Now there is a whole new version of healthy beverage in town which is known as Protein Water! It bottles protein powder in water along with different flavors for taste. It has become very popular in recent times especially among gym-goers and people trying to lose weight. Because of this regard and the popularity in sports nutrition, it is often referred to as a post-workout weapon.

High in Proteins and Low in Calories

Although a lot depends on the brand which makes the protein water but still on an average a 16 ounce (480 ml) bottle provides 15 grams of protein and only 70 calories. They can be fortified sometimes with good vitamins and minerals also. Some brands add sugars, artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners, etc which are not healthy but one can choose among the brands in the supermarket which provides the product without sugar also. Protein water is made by mixing protein powder into water and adding flavor and sugar for enhancing the taste.

Who can take Protein Water

Some people need more proteins than normal and average ones, they include people who are athletes, doing gym, the ones who are going medical treatment like cancer, etc.

The best time to take protein water is after workout sessions because after doing resistance training or weight training, the body needs instant and good protein for recovery of muscles after workout and growth. This does not mean that you leave the good nutrition that whole foods and dietary proteins have to offer as their benefits are far greater. But protein water is easy to carry, easy to consume, quick solution to the requirement of the body at particular times.

Who should avoid it?

Patients who are not allowed to take more proteins in any form especially people who are suffering from renal failure and kidney diseases, people who are having protein metabolism issues. Basically protein water should not be taken by a person who is restricted to take proteins in any form. People who are lactose intolerant must check the ingredient list as many varieties are made with milk whey protein.

Weight Loss with Protein Water

As we all know, proteins help to boost metabolism and provide us feeling of satiety and fullness with a less portion or calorie intake. This eventually leads to weight loss. But one should not rely on them only to lose weight, if you are taking dietary lean proteins then also it is sufficient. It helps people to lose weight especially when one craves for sugary drinks and sweets, protein water saves you from high carbohydrates and their calories, providing you with good proteins.

It is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks and beverages for energy. If you are a regular gym person who is into weight training and heavy workouts or if you are an athlete, then this surely is worth carrying it in your bag always!

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