What Is The Right Way To Detox?

What Is The Right Way To Detox?

In today’s busy schedule, we have been exposed to toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe and other physical agents we use in daily life. Lack of exercise and physical activity has also contributed to the development of toxins in the body. As a result, these toxins are imparting an adverse effect on our health. To curb out these toxins from the body one has to have a detox.

Detox, as the name suggests, is the elimination of toxins from the body. Nowadays, this word is getting a lot of attention and is being considered as a go-to regimen post festivals, functions, vacations while some also use it as a measure for weight loss. Detox diets can vary from days to weeks, and when one does not have the proper knowledge and guidance, they can indulge in going on liquid diets, powders, water pills and even enemas. On the contrary, one should feel more energetic and light after a detox but when done with the wrong methods it can often lead to weakness, fatigue and sluggish digestion. So, it is important to understand the right and the wrong way to detoxify your body.



If you consider complete fasting for 3 days straight post an event, as an option to detoxify your body, then it is going to be a waste as not only would it drain out your energy but would also dehydrate you, causing an increase in water retention and ultimately weight gain.

Water Pills And Over Consumptions Of Liquids:

A lot of people consider water pills as there go to measure for an instant detox assuming that it will drain out all the toxins from the body but in reality, it can lead to dehydration and excess consumption of water pills can even affect the kidney.

Protein Restriction:

Many detoxes involve complete or partial protein restriction which can ultimately lead to muscle breakdown and increased hunger.

Juice Detoxes:

The 3 or 5 or 7 day juice cleanse is the worst kind of detox you can do for your body, it involves only consuming fruits and vegetable juices for a particular number of days assuming it will cleanse the system but in reality it is a sugar overload for the liver, which ultimately increases the toxins in your body.

RIGHT WAYS OF DETOXIFICATION (Start Your Detoxification Today)

Eliminating Processed Foods:

Processed foods such as bakery products as well as packaged and canned foods should be completely eliminated from the diet as they slow down the metabolism and due to the presence of trans fat i.e. a bad fat in them increases the production of toxins in the body.

Eliminating Wheat And Dairy:

Eliminating these two food groups for a while can reduce inflammation, improve digestion and can actually help detoxify your body.

Eliminating Alcohol And Caffeine:

Both these things increase dehydration and acid production in the body which can prevent you from keeping your system clean.

Consuming Only Whole Grains:

During a detox rather than starving yourself, it is best to incorporate high fibre whole grains such as bajra, ragi, jowar in the diet as it boosts the metabolism and increases elimination of toxins from the body.

High Fruit And Vegetable Intake:

Try to consume at least 5 servings of non-starchy vegetables such as beans, broccoli, spinach along with high fibre fruits such as apple, papaya, guava in your diet to attain maximum satiety and a fast metabolism.

Increase Your Fluid Intake:

Make sure to drink at least 3 litres of water in a day along with other nourishing liquids such as coconut water, almond milk etc.

Restrict Salt Intake:

You don’t need to cut salt entirely from the diet as salt is important for the functioning of the body but during the detox, it should be consumed in a limited quantity. Also, it is better to use rock salt during the detox as it has better mineral content than rock salt.

Make Sure To Include Good Fats:

One of the important things to remember is not to eliminate fat completely from the diet as fat aids in digestion and absorption, good fats such as almonds, walnuts, avocados, olives, nut butter and a small amount of ghee should be included.

Sweat Out The Toxins:

Detox will be more effective with moderate exercise and physical activity involved since it aids toxin excretion from the body.

One should always do a detox in a healthy way otherwise if done wrong it can be hazardous to health in the long term.

So eat clean to feel clean!

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