Why Close Monitoring Is Needed For Perfect Detoxification?

Why Close Monitoring Is Needed For Perfect Detoxification?

Detoxification is a process through which one can abstain from toxins or unhealthy substances that might harm the body in the future. Self-detox diets and purges are all the rage with people looking for a quick weight loss or kick-starting a healthy lifestyle. But have you wondered how without expert supervision it can, harm your body instead of giving you the ‘perfect cleanse’?

As per Ayurveda, everybody has a different body constitution like Vata, Pitta and Kapha body types. Sometimes people might suffer from various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, joint pains, digestive problems, etc. Therefore, one kind of detox diet doesn’t apply to all. In fact, it can put you into trouble if no expert monitoring is there. Close monitoring may prevent potentially life-threatening complications that might occur with any random detox self-made plans. For instance, some of the diuretic and purging diets that are taken can lead to severe dehydration which may result in serious medical conditions.

The side effects of prolonged, severe calorie restriction can include a headache, fatigue, irritability, aches, and pains. Some detox diets are extremely low in calorie where people may feel tired and lethargic. Long term detox diets can cause headaches, constipation and slow metabolic rate.

Who should not do detox diets?

Pregnant women, children and one who is suffering from serious medical conditions should not follow the detox diet. It will leave them deficient in nutrients. So before you start any detox diet which involves any kind of food restrictions it is important to consult a health expert.

What to expect during a detox?

The first question asked is how long a detoxification program can last. There are several factors that determine how long people may spend in a program, which totally depends on the individual’s age, body weight, medical history, etc.

At least a 7-day or 21-day detox is required for the best results. Here are health benefits from a well-planned detox diet:

  • Improve energy levels: Detox makes a person more energetic and healthy. It leads to lightness in the body as toxins are removing from the system.
  • Strengthens internal organs: It purifies organs especially the liver, which enhances the detoxification process.
  • Boosts immunity: Detox takes off the workload from organs, it increases the ability to fight against diseases and improves immunity.
  • Enhances nutrition absorption: Detox helps the body to absorb much-needed nutrients rapidly like Vitamin C, which is known to be the best for the immune system.
  • Clearer, smoother skin: Toxins clog the pores and cause dullness of skin. Detox opens up the pores and get rid of accumulated toxins and gives off a clearer skin.
  • Glossier hair: It helps to slow down the process of aging by reducing toxins responsible for skin damage.

Finally, follow up treatment and assessment helps to ensure a successful recovery and better results. A detox diet is not about depriving the body of several foods only. Detox is about taking better care of your body and mind with nutritional supervision so that a person can feel great every day in a detox diet.

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