Hidden dangers in packaged food

Why you should avoid processed foods- Hidden dangers in packaged food items

Have you ever spent time in a store aisle comparing different brands, looking for the one with the longest shelf life?

What if we tell you that you’ve been doing it wrong?

Dr Junger calls package foods as food-like products, but not food. He gives us a simple rule to help us identify what is good, and what isn’t: “Anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food, you shouldn’t be eating.

” The preservatives, coloring agents, texturing agents in the packaged and processed foods, once it reaches your intestines wipe out all the good intestinal flora and catalyzes the growth of bad bacteria, parasites, and fungus in your intestine. And this, in turn, will manifest as inflammation and chronic diseases.

Dr Junger urges us to return to the natural ways of nutrition to take on modern health problems like lack of sleep, allergies, digestive issues, and chronic diseases.

“If you are not treating your food as medicine now, you will have to eat medicine like food later.”

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