Workout Regime – Tips to Gear Up

The famous Jim Ryun always says – “ It is Motivation that gets one to start something, but it is the Habits that keeps a person going”. This quote simply means that whatever lifestyle change a person wants to adapt for any goal, at first it needs strong motivation to put it to start but only the healthy regular habits can bring the desired results or help to reach the desired goal.  

In this article, we will be putting light on those aspects of exercise or workout because of which people tend to abandon it and give up on the idea of becoming healthier. These tips will provide ideas to the beginners and provide a new spark to the people who are already into it.

Tips to Gear Up :-

  1. Follow the Plan irrespective of how you feel that day

There are times in everybody’s life when a person does not want to do anything or even get up from their bed. If one is not well that is a different thing, or if it is that ‘Rest Day’ of the week. But if it is a normal planned workout day then one must keep aside how they are feeling, or in other words don’t think deeply about your feelings that time, instead follow the plan that you have made. 

People do not know how therapeutic exercise can be as it helps release endorphins. Make use of some of your favourite music and get going!

  1. Make yourself accountable

Always share your workout regime with your family. This really helps to track your progress along with any inputs that they want to give you. So when there are days you are feeling down they would be the ones to make you get up and achieve your goal.  

  1. Get a Buddy 


workout buddy

Finding someone who can workout with you works great in terms of keeping you on track. That person need not be from your family or friends, you can even make a new workout-friend with whom you can share the same space. Imagine your friend is waiting for you daily in the gym or park gate. This is a built-in-motivation that you won’t miss. 

  1. Choose a workout that you enjoy

If you select and plan a workout regime of your choice then it would never seem a daily-boring chore or punishment to you. Instead you would wait for the mornings and get started. If that workout session makes you feel happy from inside out, then that is it, you must go for it and modify accordingly. 

  1. A quick workout is better than doing no workout

The start of anything is the toughest of all. So if you don’t feel like spending an hour in the gym or time yourself to feel the regime, then you must start spending 15 minutes daily which must be purely dedicated to your body. This is a good idea as the benefits of exercising are still seen. Then in a little time when you see results that is where you want to stretch the time.

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