I am unable to login Vedique Diet App. Whom should I contact?

You can call us at +91 8447839546 or mail us your contact details at ask@drshikha.com and our technical team will get in touch with you for assistance.

I have high blood sugar. Is there a cure?

Although a permanent cure for diabetes has not been documented still but it can be very well controlled through your diet, achieving ideal body weight, changing your lifestyle and intake of safe and effective herbal therapy. Our program has been instrumental in controlling blood glucose of our clients just through diet, common time tested herbs and lifestyle modification only.

Can I stop my allopathic medicines once I am on your program?

Not at the start. However, once your blood sugar levels are within the normal range for a constant period, your physician may decide to stop them.
My doctor has already given me a diet, and exercise plan to follow along with the medicine. How is your program different?
We select the food and herbs according to your individual bio-energy and suitability of food, so a general plan given by other institutions might not be as effective. The inclusion of yoga has got a regenerative effect on the body and help it to heal itself.

By what time can I expect to see results and how long I have to continue? How long will I have to be with you?

This will depend on your blood glucose levels and the response of your body to our treatment.

What herbs do I have to take?

Certain Ayurvedic herbs have been thoroughly researched with documented safety and have proved to be very useful in controlling diabetes as an adjunct to the allopathic medicine and even independently. Some of them are amla , gurmar, vijaysar, chirayta, jamun seeds etc. They are selected as per your bio-energy ascertained by our doctors.

I am on insulin. Will your program help?

Yes we are able to help people who need insulin to control their blood glucose in the same way as we do in people who were on oral hypoglycemic drugs. With our program the insulin requirement of your body is decreased and in type II diabetes it may not be required at all.

Will my blood glucose levels stay normal, even after completing your program?

Yes, in our program you are given enough education about the dietary changes and life style changes so that just by following those tips you can easily control your blood glucose levels in future on your own.

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