3 Months Nutrition Coaching Plan

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3 months Nutrition Diet Plan based on your Body type(Prakriti) and your Goal.

Note: Above mentioned prices are only for Indian Customers, International price – USD 310 *International prices reflect the higher calling charges.                                                  .

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3 Months Nutrition Coaching Plan

We offer 3 months of Intensive Monitoring Program in which you will get Nutrition Diet Plan based on your Body type (Prakriti) and your Goal (Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Diabetes Management, Cholesterol Management)

  • 90 Days Védique Diet™ Plan from Qualified Personal Nutritionist
  • Nutritionist counseling sessions-2 sessions a week
  • Personal Doctor
  • Mode of communication:  App
  • Community Membership to our health community
  • Maintenance Guide & Final Analysis Brochure to assists you in maintaining your weight permanently after the end of your program

Note: Above mentioned prices are only for Indian Customers, International price – USD 310 *International prices reflect the higher calling charges.                                                .

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9 reviews for 3 Months Nutrition Coaching Plan


    This is to acknowledge and recognise you for all the efforts you have put in during my diet plans of last three months. My last blood reports were worst report that I had, however, with your diet plans most of my health issues seems to have resolved and showed in the current blood test reports. I’m thankful to you for accommodating me and my schedule during short notices and being available to address any queries.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. shweta

    This was my first ever diet plan that I enrolled for and to be honest I was not expecting such great results in such a short time. I gained weight when I got Thyroid and initially neglected it which resulted in major weight gain.

    I read about DR Shikha online and thought if giving it a shot since I did all most everything before it to reduce weight but was unsuccessful every time. I started my Journey on 3rd April 2020 and just after 1 month I could see such amazing results. This has been possible only because of my dietician Surbhi. She helped me in every phase of diet. She was there to motivate me if I was feeling low or was tensed for weight. She is no doubt a magician for me who gave me my beautiful body back again. Though, progress is still on, but I am happy with the current results.

    I lost about 6.5 kgs in just 1-month journey. Only in 1 month. I can’t still believe it. I remember myself as a Fat Person who struggled every bit to reduce weight but with no success. For me, this is a life changing event as I have got my confidence back.

    Now, my weight is 65.45 that is total of 11 Kgs I have lost, and my program is still on. I have journey ahead, but I am confident that I will get my weight back to 50 Kgs as I was earlier in my teens with the help of my dietician Surbhi.

    Thank you for everything. It gives me immense pleasure to say that because of this diet I have adapted a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much.

    Looking forward to shedding the remaining extra kilos as well. Emoji

  3. Sabin Basnyat

    I had been trying loose weight for a long time, my biggest issue was sticking to a diet and a new way of lifestyle which was sustainable. The NutriHealth system and my nutritionist, Dimpy, were great in designing a good plan which was good to eat and something I could stick to. The best thing I liked about this whole experience was when things did not look good and when things stalled, Dimpy would be able to change things to get things back on track, another good thing was Dimpy was able to make the plans interesting. I think this was the best part of the system, it was very intuitive to my needs.
    One comment, the nutritionalist did a good job in keeping in touch. But no matter how many times I asked not to call on the phone as the reception was bad, and to call me via whatsapps or viber or some sort of VOIP system but it never happened. And to this day I still get a call on my mobile, which is a hit or miss. So would appreciate it if you could please look at this call situation more seriously.

    Thank you


  4. Swati Ranjan

    Savi Jain is amazing , she heard and addressed all my queries and problems.. She was patient with me at all times
    My health is now a lot better because of her guidance. Problems which i was facing earlier like stomachache, gas and fissures have healed and I feel fine now.
    Every meal and her diet plan is suiting me and my body. Im very happy with the results. Im grateful for her support. She focussed on my problem areas and gave me food items that suited me. Following her meal plan is easy. I was very worried about my digestive issues which is now addressed by her help. The meals she gave me was nutritious, healthy and easily digestible. Im again very thankful to her. I would highly recommend her services.

  5. Sylvia Fernandes

    I joined Nutrihealth in Mid March and was assigned nutritionist Shucheta Anand.
    I am thrilled to say that today after 3 months, I have achieved my weight loss target of 58 kgs. This would not have been possible if it were not for the consistent and persistent guidance of Shuchita, considering the difficult lockdown period, where one has the tendency to binge eat.
    My dietician would have extensive discussions with me, answering all my queries on weight loss and also giving me the flexibility of alternate diets options to suit my needs, keeping in mind the nutrition aspect as well.
    I am so thankful to her for guiding me through this journey, which has resulted in a fantastic transformation in me due to shedding of those extra kilos, that today I am not only conscious of my eating patterns, but I also feel light and energetic.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Shikha Sharma’s Nutrihealth program to all those looking to loose weight in a healthy manner.
    Kudos to Shucheta and her team.

  6. Pradeep Indulkar

    Very glad to have joined this program,also my nutritionist is very supportive and understanding. I had thought it would be difficult to follow a weightloss program but I actually don’t mind it now . First month I had a consistent weightloss but later weight keeps fluctuating but there is a noticeable inch loss so very happy about that too.
    My HbA1c reduced to 5.7 from 6.7 and even BP is in normal zone.
    Apart from weight loss this program helped me in improving overall health.

  7. Neha Ajit Padte

    Nutritionist Rajni is very talented and she provides diet as per my convenience. Also she is very humble and even suggests the recipe to follow. I have lost almost 7.5 kg within 2 months without an intermittent diet which is a great achievement. Even though I need to shred at least 10kgs more, I am really happy with the current results.
    ANY OTHER COMMENTS: Just a suggestion, provide whatsapp nos of assigned Nutritionists to your clients for better communication/instant replies.

  8. Numa

    It’s been an amazing journey so far, i have learnt a lot not just about maintaining a healthy diet but also the ways one should stay fit and my nutritionist Preeti has played a very big role in this. She’s been very regular and understanding when it comes to providing the diet details.

  9. Sandeep

    I started the diet plan 50 days ago and within this little time frame I’ve nearly lost 10 kgs and my high BP is under control. The credit goes to the wonderful team at Dr. Shikha’s Nutrihealth and especially my dietician, Richa Verma. The journey has been very smooth and satisfying. She is highly proactive and calls regularly to address any issues or simply to get an update on the progress and how I’m feeling. She understands my taste buds and plans my meals accordingly so that I can still have my taste despite dieting. I’m looking forward to continuing this healthy journey with the team and a little self control.

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