Make Simple Daily Changes

People who want to walk on the path of health and fitness generally start by making a plan. That plan mostly involves big changes and shifts in their lifestyle, diet and exercise. These drastic changes sometimes backfires especially if one is trying to tackle all of them all at once. These changes seem unrealistic and one is unable to fit them in their schedule which ultimately leads to giving up the intended plan. 

We all are bombarded with all kinds of advice whenever it comes to losing weight, preventing diseases or simply leading a healthy lifestyle. Here is where one should contemplate and make decisions for incorporating small changes in daily life which doesn’t disturb the schedule so much that one feels burdened by it. There is more power in making small & simple changes on a daily basis than trying all big things at once and then failing. Health and Fitness is a journey and not a fixed destination, which starts by simple changes that you do in your daily life which eventually makes a lifestyle!
Here are some suggestions for Simple yet effective daily Changes which one can easily incorporate and benefit out of them:-

  1. Chew your food well & don’t multitask while having meals

When it comes to having food, one must make sure that his total attention is on having food only. Avoid using phones, watching television or having a conversation with someone and simultaneously eating. Try to sit down with cross legs (if possible) and then eat food with focus on chewing it well (at least 25-32 times). 

  1. Use the Stairs instead of escalators whenever possible  

Starting your workout with such a simple change like this pays you for a long way. This has a great impact on your lethargic body which is sitting in front of the computer for long hours, helping you boost your energy also.  

  • Put off the “White Poisons”

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