What Is The Best Time To Have Fruits?

What Is The Best Time To Have Fruits?

This is a well-known fact that we should all consume fruits. We are also aware regarding which fruits to consume and which to avoid but do you know that there is science involved in eating fruits? Confused right! Yes, there are prescribed time guidelines to consume various fruits so that maximum benefits can be reaped from them.

Even from the Ayurvedic perspective, there are established hours to consume fruits if we want to achieve balance. The fruits which are high in fibre and difficult to digest should be consumed in the early hours of the day whereas the ones which are easier on the stomach can be consumed later in the day.

For a better understanding, let us discuss it for each fruit separately.


Apples are a good source of dietary fibre which helps in stimulating the bowel movements. Since most people suffer from digestive issues in the morning, it is therefore advised to eat apples early morning preferably empty stomach. If apples are eaten in the evening or late at night, they might produce gas and cause discomfort.


Since the acid content of papaya is low, therefore, it has a soothing effect on the stomach. Since it is good for digestion, therefore, it should be consumed in the morning. If eaten at night, it might get heavy on the stomach and cause digestion related problems.


Melons are loaded with water, therefore, the best time to consume them is either in the morning or during the daytime. It should never be consumed in the evening or at night as it can lead to frequent trips to the toilet and hamper sleep at night.


Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C, help in boosting the metabolism and thus, enhancing digestion. It is better to have them in mid-morning. They should never be taken empty stomach as they can cause stomach irritation.


Cherry is one fruit that should be taken after dinner. Cherries contain melatonin which helps in improving the quality of sleep. People with insomnia highly benefit from having cherries at night. They should, however, not be consumed during the day as they can cause sleepiness.


Pomegranates are a great source of vitamins and contain ample amount of sugar. They should, therefore, be consumed in the morning so as to begin the day on a healthy note. Its sugar content will also provide sufficient energy to last at least until lunchtime. However, by evening our body’s metabolism tends to become slow and digestion of high fibre foods becomes difficult, therefore, fruits like pomegranate should not be consumed in the evening.


To reap maximum benefit from bananas, it is advisable to have them during the day. Banana is high in fibre helps in improving digestion. It is also a natural antacid and can be given in case of heartburn. Bananas should neither be consumed in the morning as they are rich in magnesium and can upset the stomach nor they should be taken at night as they can cause cold and mucus formation.


Guava is studded with calcium and has a high water content. Fruits with a high water content should be taken empty stomach so as to overcome the dehydration that might have occurred in the body over the course of the night. It is beneficial to have guava before breakfast so that it can warm up the digestion process, keep up the energy balance of the body and cut down food cravings.

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