Did You Know Flax Seeds Can Be Taken In So Many Ways?

There is a reason that flax seeds have made it to the mainstream market. These are tiny, flattened, bronze-colored seeds. Think outside the culinary box and few ways to include these wonder seeds in your diet.

Here are a few creative ways to include flax seeds in your diet

1. Morning Cereal

Kick start your morning with a healthy breakfast by sprinkling flax seeds over cold cereal or stirring it into hot cereal like oatmeal, wheat flakes or porridge. This will add that extra tint of omega 3 to your diet.

2. Smoothies

Flax seeds add a slightly nutty flavour to the smoothie. Add 1 tbsp of roasted seeds into your morning smoothie for an extra gram of protein.

3. Parfait

Combine yoghurt, fruits, and flax seeds for a delicious morning parfait.

4. Green Salads

Use flax oil to make an omega-3-packed vinaigrette for any salad. Top the salad with coarsely ground flaxseeds to get more fibre and a nice crunch.

5. Protein Salads

When preparing a tuna, chicken, or egg salad, mix ground flaxseed into the dressing to add that nutty flavor.

6. Raita

Add roasted flaxseed powder while making raita.

7. Soups

Garnish soups with a tablespoon of roasted flaxseed powder, for a slightly nutty flavor and delicious crunch.

We don’t really need to load up on them, a little is enough. Experts recommend a tablespoon of flax seeds a day to meet the daily nutritional requirement, however, be watchful how you consume them!

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